Over the past ten years we have provided services in a variety of areas, to illustrate this there are the following services that have been successfully provided to clients.

Service List

Experience in providing the planning that can make or break a project, not least in identifying the needs of a site and those areas where a proposed solution may have some gaps showing between the product and the needs.

Evaluation and Gap Analysis

Preparation of high quality training materials and delivery of these in large and small format classes with a strong emphasis on class participation as well as structured and tailored learning.

Text Box: Training Materials and Delivery

In a number of assignments and using skills developed in the accounting profession we have developed techniques of analysis and review that help in the assessment and improvement of existing systems.

Assessment and Improvement

Detailed and relevant skills in the configuration and implementation of all core modules including user acceptance testing, bug fixing and tailoring to user needs.

Implementation and Roll Out

Using Discoverer, Business Intelligence tools and FSG we have designed, implemented, trained and supported management reporting systems.  These have covered summary reporting, transaction analysis and reconciliation tools.

Reports Development

We can offer extensive experience in managing helpdesk support including problem resolution, remote terminal review and workflow process management.